5-MV Van de Graaff ion accelerator (EG-2R)

    Our 5-MV Van de Graaff ion accelerator was designed, built at the Central Research Institute for Physics, and started in normal operation on 12 March 1970.

    Since then the accelerator has been reconstructed several times. Last reconstruction was in 1989-1992.

    In 1997 the accelerator was connected to the heavy-ion cascade implanter.

    In 2002-2003 a scanning proton microprobe was also installed. It is the energy-upgraded version of the Hamburg proton microprobe dismantled in 2001.

The main parameters of KFKI-RMKI Van de Graaff Ion Accelerator

Acceleration voltage range0.5 – 4.5 MV (max. 5 MV)
Energy stability by means of slit stabilization≤ 1 keV
Maximum analysed beam intensity5 µA
Ion sourceRF source, inductively coupled
Available ion speciesproton, deuteron, helium, nitrogen
Mass-energy product 63 MeV x AMU/(ECU)2
Bending angle, radius of analyzer magnet90o, 785 mm
Stability of magnet current ≤ 1 x 10-5
Field measurement of the analyzer magnet NMR Teslameter
Beamlines6 beamlines*, 4 in use, 2 in reserve (±50o)
Beamline tube diameter 100 mm
High vacuum system turbomolecular pumps
Vacuum measured in the high vacuum system5 x 10-5 ÷ 2 x 10-4 Pa
Accelerator tank dimensions Ǿ 2.45 m x 8.0 m, vertical
Max pressure 13 bar
Max pressure used 9 bar
Insulating gas (20-22)%CO2+(6-7)%SF6+N2
Charge transportation systembelt

*One of them directly connected with the target chamber of the heavy-ion cascade implanter


-30o beamline designed for PIXE. The experiments can be performed either in a small chamber or in air.
-9o beamline is connected to the target chamber of heavy-ion cascade implanter
0o beamline is used for microPIXE
The endstation of the 30o beamline is a scattering chamber with a two-axes goniometer for RBS, ERDA, NRA, channelling experiments.
Beamtime request

If you are interested in using EG-2R accelerator, beam time request start with filling the form for ion beam analysis that shall sent by e-mail to the address eg2r (at) We will contact you soon to discuss the details. Information is provided for users of the EG-2R accelerator about the procedure for submission and evaluation of beamtime request.

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