Kostka, Pál

    Kostka, Pál
    senior engineer

    E-mail: kostka (at) rmki.kfki.hu
    Phone: +36 1 392 2739
    Fax:     +36 1 392 2518

Pál Kostka is an electrical engineer, graduated in 1953 at the Technical University in Budapest. Since them he has been working at the KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics and the predecessors of the Institute. His field of activity covers engineering and research (design, development, construction, operation) at the facilities of the Institute, as the accelerators (5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator, Heavy Ion implanter, and former similar devices) and plasma physical device (former MT-1 tokamak). His main field of interest is high voltage and high current technique, ion optics, ion sources, vacuum technique.

Selected publications

  • A. Kocsonya, I. Kovács, P. Kostka, Z. Szőkefalvi-Nagy, L. Schrang, A. Kruger, M. Niecke:
    Re-installation of the Hamburg Proton Microprobe at KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest
    Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Particle Induced X-ray Emission and its Analytical Applications, (Portoroz, Slovenia, June 4-8, 2004) (2004) 901.1-901.3
  • P. Kostka, E. Klopfer, G. Bürger, J. Roósz:
    Experiences with a poly-C belt
    Nucl Instr Meth A 268 (1988) 403-406
  • G. Bürger, G. Hrehuss, B. Kardon, P. Kostka, Z. Mészáros, A. Montvai, L. Pócs, I. Szentpétery, L. Vályi:
    Plasma properties of the MT-1 tokamak
    Proc. of the 10th European Conf. on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics,
    (Moscow, 14-19 Sept. 1981)
    (1983) vol. 1., p. A8b, pp 59-62
  • P. Kostka, E. Pásztor, G. Bürger, L. Királyhidi:
    Inclined field tube design at the 5 MV Van de Graaff generator of the KFKI
    Proceedings of the International Conference on the Technology of Electrostatic Accelerators, (Daresbury, 4-7 May, 1973) DNPL/NSF/R5 (1973) 344-351
  • P. Kostka:
    Calculation of the ion beam axis in inclined field tubes with equal maximum displacement of the beam
    Nucl Instr Meth 97 (1971) 87-90

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