This document provides information for users of the EG-2R accelerator and the NIK ion implanter about the procedure for submission and evaluation of beamtime request.

The ion-beam laboratory of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner FK), a part of the Hungarian Ion-beam Physics Platform (HIPP) is an open facility offering access to accelerator beamtime. Wigner FK provides the accelerators, their operation, the vacuum chambers, detectors, signal processors and the evaluation software for ion-beam analysis.

There are three ways of accessing facilities of the laboratory:

a) As a user affiliated with a member of HIPP;
b) As a user working in frames of an established scientific collaboration agreement or joint project including at least one member of HIPP and explicitly envisaging the usage of EG-2R and/or NIK.
c) As an external user.

In both a) and b) cases a staff member of the Wigner FK ion-beam laboratory shall apply for beamtime either in his/her own name or on behalf the scientific collaboration. He/she shall take responsibility for the activity that will be performed at the facilities. Users affiliated with a HIPP member shall have free access to the equipments; however, they shall be expected to cover the cost of consumables used during their experiments.

In case c) the ion-beam laboratory of Wigner FK shall give a hand to external users. In this case, after a feasibility check of the planned experiment, a quotation will be sent to the applicant. The cost of the services shall be calculated on the basis of the requested shifts of the facilities and the consumables needed for the experiment. Financial calculations underlying the quotation shall be made available to the applicant.

Whatever the access form, beamtime request shall start with filling the forms for ion-beam analysis and ion implantation that shall be sent by e-mail to the addresses and, respectively.

Having received the beamtime request, staff members of the Wigner FK ion-beam laboratory shall evaluate whether the requested ion-beam facilities can be made available at the requested experimental station. Should this not be the case, the applicant will be contacted with the aim of finding available beams at appropriate experimental stations and, if possible, new conditions shall be negotiated. External users may be mutually directed to appropriate HIPP facilities.

Should it turn out impossible to adjust the beamtime request to available beam characteristics, the beam time requests will be rejected.

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