Mössbauer laboratory at Wigner RCP RMI

A set of instruments and evaluation know-how for transmission, emission, conversion electron (CE) Mössbauer spectroscopic (MS) and polarimetric studies in a wide temperature range as well as (with emission and polarimetry) in external magnetic fields.
Using such spectrometers, a wide range of samples can be studied: thin films, bulk solids, liquid solutions. With the presently available Mössbauer sources of the laboratory, iron and cobalt containing samples can be measured.

Member of the Network of Hungarian Mössbauer Laboratories.

    Bogdán, Csilla Research fellow
    Bottyán, László Senior research scientist
    Dézsi, István Professor emeritus
    Nagy, Dénes Lajos Professor emeritus
    Németh, Zoltán Post-doctoral fellow, laboratory responsible
    Szabó, András Research assistant
    Vankó, György Senior research fellow

    1. Transmission and emission spectrometer

    Set of instruments to measure transmission Mössbauer spectra in the temperature range of 4.2-300 K, and emission Mössbauer spectra in the temperature range of 4.2-300 K and 0-6T external magnetic field.

    2. Conversion electron spectrometer
    Set of instruments to measure conversion electron Mössbauer spectra in the temperature range of 77-300 K.

    3. Mössbauer-polarimeter
    Transmission and CE Mössbauer-polarimetry in external magnetic field of up to 0,46T.
    Bottyán László, bottyan.laszlo@wigner.mta.hu

    The resources of the laboratory are available on the basis agreed upon with the head of the laboratory - obeying the labour safety and radiation protection rules.

    Please contact Zoltán Németh for any of your requests.

    address: 1121 Budapest Konkoly-Thege Miklós 29-33.
    postal address: 1525 Budapest Pf 49

    contact person: Zoltán Németh
    +36 1 3922222 / 1371